Our Process



Indus Pak Advisors (IPA) adopts the following procedure for counseling:


At first the student is assessed for his/her academic background, financial position and aptitude. After this , the level and eligibility of student is determined. The aptitude is determined by conducting aptitude test during the session.


Once level, eligibility and aptitude of the student is determined, one of our expert counselors meets student and provides detailed counseling. These sessions continue over various appointments between the counselor and the student till he/she finally selects the Major of studies, School and Country etc. During these sessions student consults the library and other information resources available at IPA. Library has an Internet facility and is accessible to students where they can search for details about the educational institutions they have selected.


Once student goes though detailed counseling and selects appropriate institution, he/she gets registered with IPA for admission in desired school. On behalf of student IPA arranges the admission of student in the particular university or institute. The IPA than applies for student Visa in the appropriate Embassy/High Commission on behalf of the student. If granted a visa, the IPA arranges for travel and accommodation of the student.